Excursion into the project


A group of Russian developers has launched a scientific and technical project to create a new generation of aircraft. According to the head of the project, the main sources for confirming the scientific consistency and the possibility of technical implementation of the new aircraft were the scientific research of A. Einstein and his followers, as well as his own work in two books, written by him more than 20 years ago.

The books highlight some of the scientific prerequisites for the creation of new types of technical structures in the form of aircraft. According to the author, he has repeatedly analyzed the information presented both in his books and acquired in the process of studying from other scientific and cognitive sources. With scrupulous care, he collected at his own discretion significant and fundamentally relevant scientific hypotheses and ideas. I arranged everything systematically and examined in detail. I noticed how in a certain way a theoretical scheme is logically built, revealing the scientific principles of the physical consistency of the invention. And as a natural result he saw in his harmonious system a scientific concept that allows him to come to the creation of an aircraft in the form of a really embodied technical model. 


Only deep analysis and systemic vision allowed us to approach a qualitatively new application of the physical, chemical and technological properties of those materials that should be used in a future technical achievement. As paradoxical as it may seem, this is again the very case when everything ingenious is simple. But to "get to the bottom" of it cost enormous intellectual efforts, which favorably allowed, in the end result, to successfully lead to the only correct combination of scientific and engineering knowledge. 

The content of the project materials is, of course, closed. A description of the required scientific knowledge and the essence of the technical structure of aircraft, the corresponding investments in the development of the production of these technical structures cost a lot of money. The total financial investments required for the acquisition and further development of the ongoing project are feasible only for the largest industrial corporations, as well as leading technical powers.

Today, everyone should be clear and clear. The new owner of this scientific and technical project will be the unambiguous leader in the field of world aviation and space construction. And at the same time, it will take the corresponding leading positions in the successful and accelerated study of near-earth and outer space for at least the next 40-50 years. Possession of new technologies and the aircraft itself will become a national pride and the possession of the highest prestige for the state on whose territory aircraft of a new technical purpose will be produced.