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When viewed, it is quite obvious how an object can move in space in different directions without any contact from the side. The object is in a liquid (water) environment. It moves easily: it rises, hangs, falls, moves to the sides. 

Similarly, it will move in a gas (air) environment. And it will be much easier to manage it in the earth's atmosphere, since the density of the air medium is much less than that of water. But such objects should be manufactured from other, more progressive (innovative) materials (*).

The movement of an object in space above a solid surface occurs under my direct control. Specifically, in this short experiment, the subject moves in the sequence that I myself set. As you can see, there is no direct contact with the object. Of course, technological manipulations are performed on the object, hidden from view. It is influenced by indirect physical forces that affect gravity, which I manage to successfully control at my own discretion and are quite simple to control. 


It would seem that this is already enough to see and understand that there is such a really operating technology that allows you to effectively control gravity and, as a direct consequence, the free movement of an object in the environment. In fact, the video plot contains much more information than it might seem at first glance.

You have seen with your own eyes a direct and real demonstration of some of the new scientific knowledge that I have in gravity control. This, of course, is only one and rather simple episode that clearly demonstrates how easy and simple it is to control the seemingly ubiquitous and invincible gravity. But as you now understand, this is not at all true.

Any voluminous object made of almost any solid substance (metal, plastic, stone, wood, glass, etc.) can fly this way, if you know how to construct it correctly. And thereby give it the necessary physical properties, with the help of which it can subsequently be controlled. 


Specifically, the object shown in the video has three components: metal, plastic and glass. This way it was easier and faster for me to create an object, since I know which properties of certain materials to use more rationally. But in any case, together or separately, and this can be calculated for sure, they may well be successfully controlled from the outside. All this also belongs to the category of new scientific knowledge that I know.

The physical volumetric shape as such (spherical, cylindrical, disc-shaped, drop-shaped, etc.) does not really matter. The object can be simply shapeless. All of them will be manageable under certain conditions. In these circumstances, that is, in the new technology of movement, the principle of action of the lifting force has a completely different physical nature. So far, little-known properties of the hidden components of the forces of gravity operate here. 

With regard to the creation of aircraft, wings as such with such an innovative control system are not needed at all. But for aerodynamic reasons only more streamlined shapes are more suitable for aircraft, since when moving they will also experience the force of environmental resistance.

But that's not all. Nothing will budge if you do not know exactly how to act on a solid physical body through the environment (air or other gases, water or other liquids), without resorting to direct contact. And as you can see from the experiment, this is really possible. You just need to know how to do it. As you understand, such knowledge and skills are available to me. 


As is known for certain, gravitational forces act perpendicular to the earth's surface (strictly vertical). Therefore, vertical movement is provided by interactions on the forces of gravitational components. But in order for objects to move actively in a horizontal direction and / or around their axis, you also need to know how to do this. And this is already achieved by other physical influences. For such a movement, it is necessary to create a special engine. And it's much simpler than you might imagine. No fuel engine is needed at all.

My test object is relatively small (about the size of a tennis ball). Therefore, it would be simply inexpedient and pointless to assemble an engine specifically for him, and even place it inside an object. Therefore, in this experiment, the demonstration of horizontal movement cannot be shown (**).

But for objects with internal volumes of 10 m3 or more, this is no longer only expedient, but also necessary if one is planning to make an aircraft out of it. How to make such engines and place them inside the object, I know for certain. For aircraft of any configuration, the principles of creating lift and movement in space are the same. 

It is also impossible to see and evaluate another very important circumstance from the video of the plot. It can only be detected after repeated tests with various objects. It was definitely possible to establish that the larger the size and mass of the object, the more sensitive (responsive) it is to the effects on changing the parameters of motion, that is, the more controllable. Which is very wonderful and amazing.

Therefore, the larger the object, the easier it is to manage, no matter how strange it may seem. And with classic flying machines, everything happens exactly the opposite. There clearly, the heavier and larger the apparatus, the worse it lends itself to physical control. So this is just a grandiose and extraordinary advantage of LAUM over conventional aircraft. 


In continuation of the comments, I note that you saw in this real video plot a real "technical bomb" (of course, in a figurative sense), which is a unique scientific and technical novelty. Namely: absolutely incredible, but for vertical movement both up and down, and equally for hovering an object in any environment, direct contact is not needed in order to give additional energy to move or hold the object.

Directional movement is carried out by changing the parameters of the external environment and their corresponding impact on the components of the force of gravity, as a result of which there is a redistribution of energy. That is, the new technology that I discovered for the movement of material objects, designed in a certain way, is carried out in space without attracting additional energy costs for direct and direct contact with the object of movement. And this happens due to the directed redistribution of energy contained in the environment and naturally interacting with the gravitational field of the object. And this interaction has a critical moment, after which the natural interaction is disrupted. It is this circumstance that should be understood only as a phenomenal phenomenon previously unknown to science. You just need to be able to determine this critical point, and then separate, attract and direct the free energy of the environment for the given purposes.

Here it is important to understand in what physical state a balanced interaction between the material object and the environment is achieved, at which the process of neutralizing the forces of gravity begins. This is a hidden and very subtle physical process from a scientific point of view. And it lends itself to regulation only as a result of the application of new scientific knowledge. After that, free control of gravity becomes really possible.

As the direct developer of this movement technology, I know for certain how this should be done in practice. How the new technology actually works is shown by this experimental survey. The processes of physical interaction themselves are hidden with the participation of newly created scientific equipment. All processes of technological influence on the movement of the object are subject to control by the tester. Therefore, the results of the unimpeded movement of a rigid physical body in various spatial directions are visible in the video for observers with the naked eye, despite the action of the omnipresent gravity. 


By itself, this experiment turned out to be only a harbinger of future discoveries in the form of three inventions. More than 5 years have passed since this experiment. During this period, a huge work was carried out to transform the newly discovered scientific knowledge and transfer the accumulated experimental data into the creation of a technical model, after which an experimental prototype of a new type of aircraft was designed. A new technology of movement in space was developed for it, which made it possible to translate a technical model into an aircraft with universal mobility. This proved the scientific consistency of the constituent inventions. Everything that was done during this period of time is not subject to open publication.

Of course, all confidential information can be disclosed only for those who are directly ready to participate in the implementation of investments or to act as a buyer of the LAUM scientific and technical project. The project can only be discussed with the project manager through two-way communication.

What potential opportunities arise from this, outside observers can only guess. On the basis of this new scientific knowledge and in connection with new technological and technical capabilities, unlimited prospects are opening up in aviation and space construction. On the whole, I am almost perfectly able to master this knowledge, skills and special skills. More than 18 years of mature life have been devoted to this topic, starting with the development of a scientific idea and ending with the creation of an experimental sample in the form of a demonstration model. And the results of the experiments carried out, the scientific work done and technical training only confirmed their scientific and practical viability. The production of aircraft with universal mobility can be safely put on an industrial basis.

On such principles, while closed for public viewing, new aircraft with universal mobility are being designed. In the aggregate and as a result of the combination of all new qualities, the devices acquire completely unusual and previously not manifested properties. They also make the new aircraft unbeatable. This is their technical novelty and progressive strength. 


This video footage has enduring and revolutionary meaning. The development of scientific and technical projects based on new scientific knowledge of gravity control began with her. This scientific innovation refers to fundamental knowledge that can significantly change the modern world. Moreover, this area of ​​scientific knowledge has a universal application, and therefore can be widely and successfully used in various fields of human activity. We propose to adopt our scientific and technical developments and implement them in order to accelerate and progressive scientific and technological development of earthly civilization.

These motion principles and technologies can be used in many industry directions. For example, energy (powerful generators for generating cheap electricity), aviation (aircraft with universal mobility), space technology (space stations and ships for long-distance and long-distance flights), construction (unsupported lifting and transport mechanisms, new construction technologies). As follows from the description above, the demonstrated invention has a very wide and promising scope of application, practically unlimited.

The most significant advantage and invaluable advantage of these inventions should be considered their energetically incredibly low costly technology and, at the same time, unlimited accessibility to natural energy sources. It all boils down to the fact that a new alternative way of using the inexhaustible reserves of energy contained in the near-earth and cosmic nature surrounding us has been identified. This radically changes all ideas about the possibilities of creating new technical achievements, which will be inherent in the properties and qualities of a new innovative order. They obviously provide completely new principles of technical structure with clear advantages over existing technologies in all areas of modern technical activity. Therefore, they should be understood as revolutionary and breakthrough in solving modern problems of energy consumption and, in general, for promoting global scientific and technological progress.


Note (*)

In open shooting, the materials are not subject to display, since they contain even seemingly secret information that reveals their technical novelty.

Note (**)

The design, the components of the engine and the options for its placement also directly relate to confidential information with a special classification of secrecy. 



This video shooting demonstrates completely new, innovative technologies for the movement of material objects in space, which until now refers to a closed development.

Distribution of the video in any media, copying and transferring to other persons without the personal consent of the author (head and developer of the LAUM project) is strictly prohibited. Violation of copyright and intellectual property rights is strictly punishable by the laws of the Russian Federation.

The video plot is intended for viewing by potential investors showing direct business interest in the implementation of scientific and technical projects based on scientific topics in gravity control. 

The LAUM project belongs to the competence of a large-scale industrial business in the field of aviation and space construction and requires medium-term (from 4 to 6 years) investment in the amount of at least $ 80 million. 


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