Breakthrough of the 21st century


The implementation of the upcoming large-scale achievement will provide a revolutionary scientific and technical breakthrough of the 21st century on Earth in such important and significant areas as: 

2. Accelerated development of new aviation and space technology, in-depth study of outer space as a result of opening up potentially new scientific and technical opportunities in space exploration.

2. Development of a qualitatively new aviation transport system and associated infrastructure with a change in the overall existing transport structure.

3. Development of new industrial sectors associated with the production of new aircraft building materials and the very technical structure of aircraft structures.

Let's take a closer look at all these areas. We will try to determine at least the most obvious and significant benefits that will flow from the implementation of the proposed scientific and technical project.


1. The creation and use of new technical structures in the form of aircraft of a new type will accelerate the development of the world aviation and space structure.

They contain potentially new scientific and technical opportunities that modern mankind has long dreamed of. But until recently, they only represented them in science fiction books and films. 

Aircraft with Universal Mobility (LAUM) will have such previously non-existent flight parameters that will inevitably follow from new design and technological features.

Flying objects will not structurally contain engines in their classical sense. Their appearance and internal arrangement will be radically different from the currently existing types of aircraft. The principles of LAUM motion will be carried out according to other technical designs that require more advanced technical developments. They are associated with the creation and application of new technological materials and transformation technologies.


All innovations are fully compatible with the achieved scientific knowledge in the field of physics of solids and continuous media, aerodynamics and thermodynamics, inorganic and organic chemistry and other fundamental and applied sciences associated with new technical inventions. 

The experiments have confirmed the complete scientific and practical consistency of the new technical model of the aircraft. Now the task is to improve them further in accordance with those purposes that will be useful for scientific and practical application for the purposes of earthly civilization.

 It should definitely be understood that the scientific and technical project has nothing to do with the so-called UFOs. Despite the fact that in appearance they look like UFOs, they contain, albeit advanced, but still technologies of terrestrial origin. And they are unambiguously identified as cognized, that is, fully explainable from the point of view of the earthly mind, and in accordance with modern scientific concepts and achievements in the field of aviation and space structure. 

Now it is not possible to describe the principles of the LAUM movement, since this reveals an obvious technical novelty and constitutes an undeniable competitive advantage for those who become the owner of a progressive scientific and technical project.  


2. The production of LAUM will significantly change the transport structure and will create a new optimal transport system with the minimum necessary infrastructure.

When using these aircraft technical structures, any need for airfields and roads will disappear. The state or absence of the latter, for example, in Russia for a long time, obviously and seriously impedes the economic and social development of the country. As a new aviation fleet is created on the basis of LAUM, the construction of airfields and access roads to them will continue to lose their practical significance. 

The only thing that will be required to create a servicing infrastructure for aircraft is small open launch pads and covered hangars as parking lots for periodic technical inspection and maintenance. They must be commensurate with the largest overall dimensions of aircraft. The launch and landing areas should be as level as possible and not necessarily paved. On open natural landscapes or even in very cramped natural conditions, it is enough to choose a more or less flat landing area, also commensurate with the overall dimensions of the aircraft.

The need for fuel resources and the system of ground filling stations will completely disappear. LAUM do not use fuel in its classical sense. The technical structure will work on other principles of setting the object in motion. Naturally, this requires a large kinetic and potential energy. And it will be developed through appropriate technological transformations within the flying object. At the same time, no refueling tanks and consumable fuel resources are required.


The system of passenger and cargo transportation will change. Gradually, the need for both passenger and freight land and water transport will disappear. And along with this, and in light automobile transport. Aircraft can be designed to meet any need for air cargo and passenger transportation. With further modernization and reduction in the cost of manufacturing aircraft, and this is an inevitable process in the framework of technical progress on Earth, they will become quite available for individual use. That is, they will replace our cars. And therefore, in general, roads for freight and passenger transportation in the future will be simply unnecessary for us. 

The social and protective function of the state will increase as a result of the use of new flying technology. The social function will be expressed, firstly, for medicine as a new type of "ambulance" with prompt and practically unhindered delivery of medical teams to any, even the most remote corner of Russia. Secondly, for the uninterrupted and timely delivery of goods to the hard-to-reach regions of Russia, and first of all, the northern regions during the periods of termination of river and sea navigation; during periods of spring and summer floods; fast delivery and provision of operational assistance to areas of natural disasters and man-made disasters (MES). 

The protective function will be carried out in the skillful and legal use by law enforcement agencies (police, state security agencies) to carry out operational activities in the fight against all kinds of crime and non-observance of public order. And as new mobile aviation technical means to be used in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as advanced tactical and strategic means for successfully ensuring the country's security within the State's Defense Doctrine.


As for the intended purpose of LAUM and their compliance with configuration modifications, it is appropriate here to speak of the following. In general, they can be used for a wide variety of functional purposes. From a scientific point of view, the spatial configuration of the aircraft itself and their size are not of fundamental importance. Any modification will always fly in accordance with the principles of movement originally laid down for all. But each will reflect those specific design features that are most useful for the intended purposes. 

To carry out reconnaissance flights in order to obtain visual operational information about the state and movement of ground objects, constant monitoring of natural and climatic changes in the areas under study, and the like, one typical model line is required. Aircraft can be used for research and experimental purposes. Complex scientific and research equipment will be located in such facilities. All this should ensure the constant accumulation of the necessary information for subsequent processing and appropriate analysis. And they will already represent a different type of model. In the above modifications, oval-type configurations with relatively small dimensions will prevail.

Many other design modifications will fly successfully, only they will reflect the necessary functional needs that are supposed to be invested in them. Volumetric spherical configurations are convenient for transporting high and oversized cargo. Arched in the form of covered platforms will be designed for wide and flat loads. For moving a small number of passengers and small loads, small circular disc-shaped modifications will be quite suitable. The high-speed LAUM models will have tear-drop shapes. All configurations will meet the aerodynamic requirements required for flight in the earth's atmosphere. 

Thus, a distinctive feature of any LAUM is their external and internal structural arrangement. The new types of aircraft will be quite similar to the usual concepts of aircraft in the sense that they will also rise, fly and descend. But to ensure the movement of objects, completely different technologies and technological materials will be used, which will significantly change the ideas about the principles of operation of a new type of engines and methods of moving objects in space. And all of them will have unmatched and undeniable benefits due to the ability to have universal mobility. 


3. The production of new technological materials and the aircraft themselves will be objectively associated with the following advantages. 

The industry will switch to more progressive and innovative technologies for the production of new structural and technological materials. This will be required by technical novelty, which can only be provided by the introduction of fundamentally new technologies that did not exist before. 

When using LAUM, the environment will be completely ecological. New technologies do not provide for the use of materials and products of activity that can have a negative impact on the surrounding terrestrial ecology. 

The production of new aircraft building materials and the construction of the technical structures themselves will require the creation of a large number of new jobs, which will significantly increase the employment of the able-bodied population in many regions of the Russian Federation. 

The quality of both scientific and professional engineering and technical education will increase, which will be required in connection with the production and use of new structural materials and new innovative technologies.

The level of income of the population associated with the production of new materials and the assembly of the aircraft themselves will increase, since specialists of higher professional qualifications will be employed.

The need for fuel resources and a system of ground filling stations will completely disappear. LAUM does not use fuel in the classical sense. The technical structure will operate on different principles of setting the object in motion. Naturally, this requires a lot of kinetic and potential energy. And it will be developed through appropriate technological transformations within the flying object. In this case, no refueling tanks and consumable fuel resources are required. 


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