Brief description of the project


The project provides for the implementation of scientific and technical developments in the field of gravity control with the aim of creating new Aircraft with Universal Mobility (LAUM). A revolutionary technical innovation is the ability of flying objects to move in space using a new type of engine that does not use conventional types of fuel. 

Aircraft are an advanced technical structure, the creation of which is possible only with new innovative technologies. The energy for movement is generated from environmental components, and then used internally by a flying object using new transforming technologies. At the same time, a fundamentally new technology of movement in space is being implemented, providing a flying object with universal mobility. 


The aircraft have a complex technical design with a unique innovative technology that provides new principles of movement in air, near-earth and outer space. LAUM contains a new type of technical model, which is fundamentally different from the existing aircraft. It uses a completely new type of engine, which provides a fundamentally different version of the lifting and driving force. When the engine is running, the combustion of liquid fuel or the use of any oxidizing processes is not provided. New constructional and technological materials are used for the technical structure of the aircraft. Overall dimensions can range from several meters to several tens of meters, if necessary, and much more. 

The implementation of new principles of movement in space, the automatic piloting process, the technical integrity of the aircraft structure and ensuring the safety of the crew are achieved by the work of a special on-board computer system. Thanks to this system, the unique ability of a flying object to perform unprecedentedly fast maneuvers (a sharp change in course) in any given direction during movement is provided. The innovative engine allows you to keep the equilibrium state of the object ("hovering") at any point in space for an arbitrarily long time. The on-board computer continuously monitors and ensures strict balance of the aircraft simultaneously in all six degrees of freedom. Both in motion and in a static state. Taken together, it means universal mobility. 


A distinctive feature of the aircraft is their completely new external and internal structural arrangement. Aircraft do not have the usual wings and outboard engines. There is no need to use fuel, and therefore, to have containers for it. The motor is housed inside the housing. It itself generates useful energy from the environment and converts it into energy for movement. And then it distributes it along the technological channels for movement in three-dimensional space in accordance with the specified motion parameters.

In general, the aircraft as a technical facility will be equipped with advanced innovations that will allow the establishment of full internal and external control over the management of a complex technical facility. In some ways, LAUM are similar to UFOs, although they are not really considered as such. Their movement and external forms only resemble UFOs, but the technologies of movement and construction materials have a completely terrestrial origin. 

Here, new scientific knowledge that has already been developed by modern mankind is decisive. And we managed to combine them, apply and translate them into a real progressive technical innovation. Theoretical developments in the field of studying matter, energy and gravity, created by the theoretical physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate in physics A. Einstein, were the fundamental basis for the practical implementation of scientific ideas into specific inventions. Scientific knowledge of gravity control and mainly the already modern scientific research of his direct followers led to the possibility of creating a new innovative technical structure.